Dr. Blackman's HBI Formula: supercharge #Heart, Brain and Immune system

Dr. Blackman's HBI Formula: supercharge #Heart, Brain and Immune system

Dr. Blackman's HBI Formula: supercharge #Heart, Brain and Immune systemDr. Blackman's HBI Formula: supercharge #Heart, Brain and Immune systemDr. Blackman's HBI Formula: supercharge #Heart, Brain and Immune system

"Throw out the treadmills. Stop Killer Spinning. Purchase the self-empowerment Healing Platform, Drug  Free: New Gym Lab

lighter body, brighter mind

New Gym Lab

Dr. Blackman's HBI "Convert Stress to Power": Lighter Body, Brighter Mind. After four decades of study and research,  Dr. Blackman's method of ergonomic exercise, called Restobics, Well-Fit Program, brings to you a new way of self-help and self empowerment, so throw out your treadmills, cancel your membership and signup for New Gym Lab. Dr. Blackman has  leveled the playing field; no scales, no calorie counting, no spinning, he's cleared the decks for; "Lighter Body, Brighter Mind", New Gym Lab


Restobics Exercise; ''In Repose'', From head to Toe

New Gym Lab

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New Gym Lab, offers you the greatest exercise program in the world, without having to move a muscle! Be at your healthiest. Learn how to, "CONVERT STRESS TO POWER"! 

No obligation when you sign up for $99 per month. 

Dr. Blackman's "new gym lab"

 The race against time, is wearing you down and literally wearing you out! Get out of the one dimensional (fitness) lock box, narrow bandwidth, busying yourself to death!  Learn from Dr. Blackman, how to, "STOP! THE VIRTUAL REALITY TREADMILL", The overuse, overexercised, overtired abuse workout: And take the "NEW GYM LAB ROUTE", Lighter Body, Brighter Mind

Throw out the treadmill. stop spinning yourself to death

The 7th dimension and the Restobicss Platform bring Healing and Self-Empowerment.:

Lighter Body, Brighter Mind

Junk the Guns! Throw out the treadmill; the spinning vicious cycle that kills  The uphill grind of a virtual reality treadmill is wearing you out. Overuse overplays it's hands; kills knees, hips, disc degeneration.

The heart and brain becomes like an over wound time bomb. Due to overuse, It has a short fuse. When will it explode? The heart stops beating? The brain stops thinking? The internal war of attrition is a battle you keep losing. Your physical body is buckling under the strain, under the stress load, that's becoming unbearable and intolerable.  

"Drop it. Tune in. Turn on." And with Dr. Blackman's help, learn how to be able to find a new kind of freedom. His multidimensional method of healing is extraordinary. He helps you unwind from the inside out. 

The Antidote: To The T-Rump Show

Drop it. Tune In. Turn on.

Can we get out of our own way??tripping over ourselves, rushing off to another appointment, overbooked and over scheduled,  overuse wearing us out by the second, busied out entropy, 

burnt out , running on fumes. To the rescue, Dr. Blackman and his new millennial,  amazing, NEW GYM LAB, Restobics treatment program: "Drop it.. Tune in. Turn on. And Preempt the Cancer. Heal the  Pain. Feel the Magic."

Convert Stress to Power; Lighter Body, Brighter Mind, The Self Empowerment, Healing, Restobics.


Dr. Blackman's book, "The Antidote": To The T-Rump Show"  (see link below) and his songs (, helps to begin to  open the gateway to a healing pathway.

The Antidote: To The T-Rump Show 

by Doctor Blackman

El Presidente “Crooked Don” Don T-Rump is not only building a wall along the northern border with Canadastan, he is also building a wall along the southern border with Mexiraq. Filing an eminent domain claim, he is claiming his ownership of the lands on the southern end of Spamerica (once known as Manhattan). Having already forced the Manhattoes (original natives of the island), to give up their land at the southern end of Spamerica and be moved to the northern tip of the island, which has become a shanty town, called Albya, recently struck by a 9.5 earthquake and a tsunami

The two unsung heroes, who came out of nowhere, have taken up residency at the southern end of Spamerica, where the twin towers once stood. They have planted ‘non’ seeds, which somehow, miraculously have been able,  to grow what appears to be a rain forest.

 They champion  the Manhattoes cause , filing a counter suit in federal court.  They not only represent the native people, but also the wildlife, who live in waters surrounding Spamerica (called “seaturtlenation). By taking on El Presidente “Crooked Don” Don T-Rump,  challenge him and his accomplices,  charged with being  in direct violation of the constitution.


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The Antidote: To The T-Rump Show by Dr. Blackman

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The Restobics, 7th Dimension, Well-Fit Program

New Gym Lab  TM, Show you how to breakdown walls and build bridges, a multi-dimensional kaleidoscopic journey into startling color, thought provoking sound and a relentless pursuit of invincible love